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What We Do

What We Do


Rama Industries Ltd is an expert in manufacturing Gelatin, Ossein and Di-Calcium Phosphate. These ingredients play a key role in quality medicine, good food, cosmetics and body care, healthy living with technical innovation.

Rama Industries Ltd operates with the state- of- the-art technology production modalities which have always distinguished the company: qualified research and maximum care in the manufacturing process. Rama Gelatin is specifically manufactured according to the customers’ specifications. The products can be customized both in quality and packaging according to our customer’s needs.

“Driven by innovation, our guiding principles are excellence, expertise and the highest service levels.”  


We believe in quality and services. Driven by innovation, our guiding principles are excellence, expertise and the highest service levels. Consumer trust and transparency are part of our corporate policy and we work hard for health industry to improve quality of life.