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Grades of Gelatin

Grades of Gelatin

Grades Of Gelatin

   We produce IP/EP/BP/USP/EU standard Gelatin

Types of Blooms

Plasma Grade
300> bloom
This is highly superior grade for specialised use as absorbable sponge during lifesaving operations
Hard Capsule Gelatin
200-250 bloom
Pharma Grade Used for making Hard Capsule Photographic grade used making X ray films & Film roles. Nutraceutical items
Soft Capsule Gelatin
150 – 180 bloom
Pharma Grade used for making Soft CapsulesEdible grade used for making chocolates, confectionery, thickner for dairy products like Curd, Yoghurt etc.As a binding agent of non-veg items like fish, mutton, chicken etc.
Low Bloom Gelatin
100 – 120 bloom
Pharma grade used for table coating. Edible grade used for making cakes, jellice, candys, cosmetic products etc.
Technical Gelatin
Less than 100 bloom
Used for making Industrial rubber belt, Cots & aprons, match box, crackers, gums for paper Less than 100 bloom binding, Gums used for making the covers of packed foods.



Standard Packing: 25 kgs bag and 50 kgs bag.

Packing Material: Food grade LDPE inner liner and outer printed HDPE bag.