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Gelatine Std. Specification

Rama Gelatin

What is GELATIN ? 

Gelatin does not exist in nature and it is a protein obtained by partial hydrolysis of collagen, the main protein component in skin, bones and white connective tissues of the animal body. Collagen is not a uniform substance but it is rather a family of proteins. Rama Gelatin is produced by alkaline or lime processing.  Hence, Gelatin is classified as a derived protein. 


Rama Industries Limited has produced bovine gelatin since 2010 using exclusively bovine bone. Rama Gelatine is the hydrolyzed collagen natural protein derived from bovine bone. The company’s many years of experience provide high quality limed bone gelatin different grade 120 bloom to 300 bloom IP/BP/USP/EP standard which are employed in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and food applications.

Rama Industries Limited has an internal laboratory which analyses raw material, in-process and finished Gelatin product and also develop and achieve the specific products on customers demand.


The manufacturing process of Gelatin is a multistage process which can easily be adversely affected by chemical, physical, bacteriological and biochemical reactions.

We exercise controls on parameters at each and every stage to prevent such undesired reactions.

Preparation of raw material-Size grading – Degreasing
Separation of inorganicsDemineralization
Pretreatment to OsseinWashing > Drying > Ossein
DepolymerizationLong alkaline treatment
Removal of alkalinityDeliming and chemical washing
ExtractionCooking with hot water to extract soluble protein
PurficationFiltration, demineralization Concentration , Sterilization
Semi finished productChilling , Extruding , Drying , Size grading
CustomerizationBlending , Packing , Dispatch

Standard Specification Of Gelatin

“You can rely on Rama Industies’ world-class gelatine that meets the highest global quality and safety standards and is delivered to your specifications and delivered in time.”


We have a complete system in place for quick and complete traceability; starting from the raw material to the final product.Production records of parameters at all stages with proper identification are maintained for easy traceability.

Gelatin produced by us has a shelf life of 5 years when kept at preferably 25degrees C and 65% relative humidity We offer limed bone Type ‘B’ gelatin suitable to meet different requirements of its different users.
The main fields in which gelatin is used are: pharmaceutical, edible, photographic, and technical.

Topic products for the care and beauty of hair, contains gelatine to improve the shining and the health of hair especially after chemical treatments such us perm and dye.

“At Rama Industries, we have a complete system in place for quick and complete traceability; starting from the raw material to the final product.”


Gelatine is a pure protein obtained from collagens present in cattle bones. It contains all amino acids essential to human body.Gelatine is easily digestable and possesses high nutritional value. Gelatine provides gelling and stabilizing properties with water and added to it is the film forming characteristic that increases its use many folds in industries.

The industries where it is used are:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Neutraceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Technical