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Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality is Our Number One Mission

At Rama Industries Limited, Quality is our number one Mission. This plant has been set up with the state-of-art technology, modern design and automated equipments which ensure the best manufacturing process. The company implemented a quality management system in accordance with international standards. We have continuous quality control inspections right from the beginning of raw material purchase to dispatch of finish product.


We are focusing on prevention of defects and mistakes continuously in our manufactured products to avoid problems when we deliver solutions and or services to our customers.

“At Rama Industries quality is our number one mission. Quality is our top priority.” 

Quality is Our Top Priority

At Rama Industries, our corporate policy includes following two main principles. Firstly we follow a “Fit for purpose principle” where our product is suitable for the purpose it was intended for. We adhere to both strict national and international certification norms. For these, we not only maintain strict cleanliness in our plant, its equipment and employees so that our product is of the highest standards and with the minimum human touch.

Secondly, we follow a principle that “purity is our priority” that we have to be perfect the first time around. Here we ensure that we eliminate whatever if any mistakes that are made including in our raw material quality, components, and products, assemblies, production, inspection, and management.


Our plant is fully automated and has computerized technologies which enable presetting our processors and monitoring our time, temperature, alkalinity and acidity, levels of flows. There are valves along the pipelines thus allowing us to sample the product to be right always continuously. All this ensures our product is pure and with the minimum human touch.