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Production Processes

Production Processes


Gelatin production process majorly involves following procedures :

  • Demineralization : Inorganic matter mainly of Calcium Phosphate present in crushed bones are degreased with hot water and followed by acid demineralization in chilled hydrochloric acid over a period of 2 days
  • Liming : The Ossein is limed with milk of lime solution for more than 25 days
  • De liming and washing : The matured limed Ossein is transferred to washers through Delimer and limed Ossein is neutralized with acid and washed with water for desired extraction condition
  • Extraction : Washed Ossein is treated with hot water and the Gelatin is extracted
  • Filtration and De mineralization : The Gelatin solution is filtered by passing through pulp filters and then passed through Cation and Anion ion exchangers for removals of trace minerals in the gelatin solution

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  • Final filtration : The concentrated Gelatin from the evaporator is passed through filters for final filtration and then goes to the QC tanks
  • Sterilization : The concentrated gelatin after the final filtration process is sterilized through a live steam ejector and then cooled
  • Drying of Gelatin : The Gelatin in liquid-state form received after sterilization is converted into gel by chilling and then passed through a dye to convert it into noodle form at varying temperatures. At the finished end, dry noodles are subjected to size reduction and collection in bags with lot numbers
  • Blending : Based on the customer requirements, the Gelatin blend is formulated using the production lot and verified by QA / QC before actual Blend operation is performed
  • Packing : Final Blended Gelatin is packed in 50, 25,20 kg HDPE bags with a loose food grade polyethylene liner inside
  • Evaporation : The demineralized Gelatin liquor is concentrated in the evaporator under vacuum

“We make sure that quality is maintained at the highest level all throughout the manufacturing process by doing stringent chemical, physical and bacteriological controls.”
 -Rama Industries Ltd    

The installed capacities and production process:

This plant has been set up with the most modern design and automated equipments. This ensures the best manufacturing process to produce world class gelatin suitable for relevant field of consumption.

  • Gelatin – Various grades ranging from 100 to 300 bloom with various indicators of the strength, viscosity, transparency and particle size are produced as per customers requirements.
  • Ossein –  the basic raw material for manufacturing Gelatin.
  • Di- Calcium Phosphate (DCP)– By-product generated at the time of Gelatin manufacturing and used as nutrient for livestocks.

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Records and Traceability


Records are maintained for all the activities in the processes and well documented for any reviews and traceability.  We make sure during our entire manufacturing process from start to finish that we maintain our high standards of hygiene and maintain world-class quality to produce the best quality gelatine. We make sure that quality is maintained at the highest level all throughout the manufacturing process by doing stringent chemical, physical and bacteriological controls.