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We are committed to working closely with our customers to manufacture gelatin according to their specifications and perspectives. In our state-of the art facility, we produce an extensive range of Gelatine products ranging from the lowest technical grade bloom of 70 to the super special grade of 300 bloom to meet specific needs of our valued clients at competitive prices.

Gelatin Facts

  • Gelatin is a food ingredient and a pure protein
  • Gelatin is a pure protein obtained from collagens present in cattle bones.
  • Gelatin has only 4kcal/g
  • Gelatin is fat-free, purine-free, non-allergenic and cholesterol free
  • Gelatin is fully digestible
  • Gelatin is an important ingredient for achieving clear labelling
  • Gelatin contains 18 different amino-acids
  • Gelatin helps prolong the shelf life of many food products


Our product line includes various grades of Gelatine used in Pharma, Neutraceuticals, Cosmetics,  and Technical. Similarly different types of blooms ranging from 70 to 300 suitable for various requirements are manufactured in our state-of-art facility; viz., 70 (known as technical grade) for Matchbox and rubber industry, 100 & 120 bloom grade are used in tablet coating, confectionary and cosmetics, 160 & 180 bloom and 210 & 240 are used in soft capsule and hard capsule manufacturing respectively. The super special grade of 300 bloom Gelatine is used for making SURGISPON a surgical haemostatic sponge which is an absorbable gelatine sponge used  to arrest blood bleeding at the time of operations.


We do care about our customers needs and specific requirements. Our raw material sourcing is strictly complying with national and international norms and standards whilst the finished Gelatine product is manufactured as per GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as prescribed by international standards. At the same time, in order to meet the various certifications requirements, we strictly conform to all certification procedures and the requisite norms are adhered to in this regard. Acceptance of our product by the national and international customers meeting their specific requirements as per their norms shall vouch for itself by receiving repetitive orders. 



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Gelatine is a pure protein obtained from collagens present in cattle bones


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Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) is a high-purity mineral supplement for animal feeds and poultry feeds


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Ossein is generally known to be the collagen component of bone. The main and exclusive use of Ossein is in the manufacture of gelatin