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Pharmaceutical Application

Pharmaceutical Application

Gelatin for hard and soft capsules

Soft capsules: Soft capsules are used for medicines and food supplements which has oil or liquid type of content.  Soft capsules are normally manufactured using medium bloom (150 bloom to 170 bloom).

Hard capsules: Hard capsules are manufactured using high bloom (210 bloom to 220 bloom) as drug delivery system.

Gelatin for tablets

For this application, the adhesive properties of gelatin are exploited to give structure to the tablet. Low bloom (100 bloom to 120 bloom) used for tablet coating.

Gelatin for Syrup:

(Gelatin forms an uniform emulsion).

Many Antibiotics are emulsified / suspended in gelatin and served as syrup for patients.

In food industry different flavors like raspberry, cherry, strawberry  are emulsified / suspended in gelatin syrup and served.

Gelatin for micro-encapsulation

Micro-encapsulation allows to change the solubility and the aspect of a substance (oil from liquid to powder), or to cover unpleasant odor or taste of the substance.

Micro-encapsulation can also protect the substance from oxidation or humidity.

Gelatin for medical applications

Gelatin for plasma expander finds its application in emergency treatments. Quite often products containing gelatin are employed to compensate the volume of blood after exceptional bleeding.
 As a matter of fact, the products with gelatin stimulate the viscosity and molecular properties of blood.

In this case the gelatine employed will have very stringent microbiologic and entoxin specifications.

Gelatin is also employed for the production of haemostatic sponges which are employed during the surgeries to have a haemostatic local effect; these sponges can also be left where used as they are absorbed by the tissues.