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Gelatine is a pure protein obtained from collagens present in cattle bones.

Bovine Bone Gelatine / RAMA GELATINE

Di-Calcium phosphate is a high-purity mineral supplement for animal feeds and poultry feeds.

Rama Industries produces bovine bone gelatine and its maximum attention lies in the provisioning of raw material, by guaranteeing the complete traceability through the selection and the approval of the suppliers.

Rama has produced bovine gelatine since 2010 using exclusively bovine bone; the company’s many years of experience provide high-quality gelatines which are employed in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and food applications.

Rama Industries Limited has an internal laboratory which analyses raw material, in a process and finished Gelatine product and also develops and achieve the specific products on customers demand.

State of the art operation

Right from the beginning of developing our products to delivering them to our customers, our team is dedicated to running an excellent operation. Our customers can depend on us to give world class products which meet the highest standards.

At Rama Industries, we are committed to continuously improving our products and processes in order to constantly create value for our customers. We are constantly training our staff to give the best possible quality, service, and products.