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“RAMA INDUSTRIES LIMITED” has a world class Gelatin plant for the manufacturing of Gelatin from cattle bones. Rama Industries Ltd utilizes the state of the art technology and is highly focused on research and development and producing the best quality products.  We value our many esteemed customers who have remained loyal to us over the years.

Rama Industries Limited, has a huge land bank at Lalru in the state of Punjab near Chandigarh, India.  The gelatinemanufacturing set up at Punjab was preferred due to location advantage of proximity to raw material suppliers, abundant availability of power, water etc. Moreover, our plant is conveniently located about 220 km from Delhi (Capital of India) and 18 km from the nearest Airport in the city of Chandigarh, India.

This plant has been set up with the most modern design and equipments. This ensures for minimum human contact during the manufacturing process to produce the best and purest gelatin, more hygienic and suitable for relevant field of consumption.

“We are committed to continuously improving our products and processes in order to constantly create value for our customers.” -Rama Industries Ltd

Rama Industries Limited produces bovine gelatin using exclusively bovine bone; the company’s many years of experience provides high quality gelatins to many esteemed customers which are employed in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Food applications and also in some Technological applications.

Rama Industries Limited has an ultra-modern internal laboratory operating at the highest health and safety standards. Our laboratory team is highly skilled and professional and they are constantly trained to the latest standards to help our team to provide only the best products to our esteemed customers. Here in our modern laboratory, we not only analyze raw materials both in-process and finished gelatin products but also our talented team researches and develops to achieve the specific products as per our customers specifications.

“Our team at Rama is highly motivated and committed to satisfy our customer’s high expectations ” -Rama Industries Ltd

State of the art Manufacturing

Right from the beginning of developing our products to delivering them to our customers, our team is dedicated to running an excellent operation.  Our customers can depend on us to give world class products which meet the highest standards.

At Rama Gelatin, we are committed to continuously improving our products and processes in order to constantly create value for our customers.  We are constantly training our staff to give the best possible quality, service and products.