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Neutraceuticals Applications

Neutraceuticals Applications

Gelatin for food supplement for joints and bones

The gelatin is used in food supplements to treat arthritis or to preserve the good functioning of joints.

Also for the treatment of some degenerative pathologies of the bones, such as osteoporosis, food supplements containing gelatine are used combined to food supplements containing calcium and vitamin D.

Gelatin for the production of candies

The characteristic of the gelatin to form a thermo reversible gel is largely used for the production of gummies (the production of gummy bears is the most famous example of gelatin application in food, worldwide).
The gelatin gives gummies the right elasticity, the right chewable grade and a long shelf life.

Gelatin for confectionary

A very well known preparation is gelatin in water; a mix of ready to use powders, among which gelatin, sugar, aromas and colorings, is melted in water; gelatin acts as a gelling agent and binder of water, giving to the product the structure of a transparent gel.

Another application is the covering of fruitcakes. In this case the gel preserves the freshness of the fruit preventing the oxidation.

The gelatin with a melting point close to the body temperature make the products pleasant to the taste and eases the release of aromas.

Gelatin for dairy and ice creams

Gelatin is perfectly compatible with the proteins of milk and therefore it can be used as functional stabilizer ingredient in dairy products and ice creams. Gelatin allows to reach the ideal consistency in any product.

In yoghurt for example, gelatine helps to reach the right consistency but also to prevent phenomena such us syneresis (that is to say, the separation of water from the product).

Gelatine can be used for the preparation of products with low content of fats such as light margarine. In this application gelatine is in substitution of fats while it helps to keep the taste and consistency normally given to the mouth by fats.

Gelatin for energy drinks and bars

Gelatin is used in the production of energy drinks and bars for sports people as a source of pure proteins.

Several types of proteins can be used for products fit for sportsmen, but product containing gelatin represent one of the purest source of proteins.

The proteins represent the “bricks” for the building of the muscles fibers and are crucial in the process of recovery further to very intense muscular stress.

Gelatine for the clarification of drinks

Gelatine is used as reagent to tannins and bitter substances of wine; furthermore it absorbs the substances which create turbidity through flocculation for an easier removal.

Therefore gelatine makes possible the clarification of wine, bear, fruit juices and cider.

Gelatin for pet food

Gelatin is employed for the production of pet food both for its binding properties and for its content of proteins.

As well as for human beings, for animals too, the gelatin are used as food supplement for the health of joints and bones.

Gelatin for meat industry

Gelatin is widely used in the meat industry for decorations, for the covering of cooked ham, cooked meats in general and in sausages for a more appetizing look.

Apart from the aesthetic function, the gel of gelatin is an antioxidant agent and prevents the drying of the meat.

Gelatin can also be used inside meat (especially de-boned meat) to help the filling and the cutting.

In canned meat, gelatin helps to absorb the liquids released during the sterilization in the steam sterilizer.

Gelatin is obviously employed in the production of aspics: in this case gelatin will have a high bloom and a very good transparency.