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Basic info about market applications


At Rama Gelatine we are complying with a wide range of various certification criteria.  Our world class products are used by some of the world’s most esteemed Pharma companies to manufacture capsules, tablets, syrups and other medical applications.

A Range of Gelatine

Rama Gelatine is manufactured in a wide range of blooms which caters to our esteemed customers different requirements.  Blooms range as the following: with 100-120, 150-180, 200-250 and 300 & above blooms.  Technical Gelatine with less than 100 bloom is also in the line of our manufacturing


Packing Material: Food grade LDPE inner liner and outer printed HDPE bag.

Standard Packing: 25 kgs bag and 50 kgs bag.


“Our customers can depend on us to give world class products which meet the highest standards and services.”-Rama Industries Ltd


Gelatine is used in many healthcare and cosmetic products.  One can find gelatine being used in many body lotions, hair sprays and other hair products, sunscreens, eye make up, face creams, lipsticks and many more daily used products.  Gelatine is used for the skin mainly as it has a positive effect on the smoothness of the skin and is used as Collagen. It is used in many nail treatments, creamy cosmetics like eye shadows etc, and countless hair products like hair dyes.


Rama gelatine is used in the food and health industry in many areas for healthy nutrition. Gelatine helps with the joints, muscles and bones.  It has been used for hundreds of years but today also gelatine is an inevitable ingredient in a variety of food products ranging from cakes to yogurt.  Gelatine helps food to have an ideal texture and helps to provide gelling and stabilizing properties.