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Di Calcium Phosphate

Di-Calcium Phosphate(DCP)

Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) is a high-purity mineral supplement for animal feeds and poultry feeds.

We offer this product with following specifications:

Sr. NoParameterSpecification
1.AppearanceFree flowing white/off-white granular powder
2.Moisture7% max
3.Phosphorous16.5 to 17.5% (Dry basis)
4.Calcium23% minimum (Dry basis)
5.Sulphate0.3 to 0.5 %
6.Fluorine0.1% maximum
7.Acid insoluble ash1.0% maximum
8.Heavy metals10 ppm maximum
9.particle size(+100 BSS) 3.5% maximum

Packing: It is available in 50kg. packing in laminated woven HDPE bags with inner LDPE liner.

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Di-Calcium phosphate(DCP) is a high-purity mineral supplement for animal feeds and poultry feeds. Calcium Phosphate is a family of material and minerals containing calcium ions together inorganic phosphate anions. Dicalcium phosphate is an ionic salt, meaning it is made up of charged particles of calcium and phosphate. Animal bones are the main source of Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP) which is of an inorganic compound.  It is also the most widely used Phosphorous and Calcium supplement in poultry feed to date.

Di Calcium Phosphate gets precipitated on adding milk of lime to the saturated acid solution.

Ca(H2PO4)2  + Ca(OH)2 → 2CaHPO4  + 2H2O.

This derived material, after removal of water by centrifugation of filter presses and subsequent drying, is used by agricultural industry.  DCP is also the best and safest source for providing this supplement to livestock.  Thus the P requirement of poultry is met through DCP. The poultry fed with DCP excreta was used successfully as an inexpensive source of fertilizer on agricultural lands.