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About Us

Motivation is our commitment

Our team at Rama is highly motivated and committed to satisfy our customer’s high expectations and we strictly follow our business model which was created to meet these high expectations. We can proudly say that our commitment to follow these values is what has led us to make our gelatin of the highest quality.
We adhere to strict GMP norms applicable to our Industry.

Gelatin Manufactured according to the customers’ requests


Rama Industries Ltd. aims to provide our customers with world-class quality material in a committed period of time. We continuously upgrade our production processes as per our clients’ requirements with our state of the art machineries. This enables us as a company to widen our strength in the local and international markets.

Our Team Is Our Strength


Our dedicated work force, along with our well-equipped quality control laboratory and
quality assurance systems, allows us to provide only the best for our customers. Our plant is strategically located in Lalru in the state of Punjab between the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh. Our team follows strict procedures to ensure we manufacture and supply products that meet stringent certification standards. Our continual commitment at Rama Industries towards quality assurance has allowed us to gain loyal customers in various markets across the world.

Customers oriented approach


Our primary focus is to fulfill all our customer’s requirements with great satisfaction. We believe our customers’ success is our success. We believe Quality, Sustainability and Safety are the main keys of our company’s approach to maintain high standards.
You can depend on our world-class gelatin products that are made with the highest global quality and safety standards and delivered as per our customer’s specifications on time. We hold ourselves to maintaining the highest standards of practices, whether it is in terms of our commitment to respecting our environment, or by the integrity and transparency we show you.

Our beliefs show in the company values and our team’s commitment to achieving them is what makes our company succeed and our esteemed customers loyal to us. Our customers find satisfaction not just in how we serve them, treat our staff and use our materials but also in our high-quality gelatin.