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Rama Industries Limited is a leading global manufacturer/supplier of Gelatin. Rama Industries is an expert in manufacturing the best quality Gelatin, Ossein and Di-Calcium Phosphate. These ingredients play a key role in quality medicine, good food, cosmetics and body care, and healthy living with technical innovation.

We believe in giving the best quality and service. Driven by innovation, our guiding principles are excellence, expertise and the highest service levels. We at Rama Industries try to create an atmosphere that allows change and innovation to thrive in our organization. Consumer trust and transparency are a part of our corporate policy and we work hard for the health industry to improve quality of life.


100% pure quality products made with the highest standards



We ensure that we maintain the highest standards to give the best quality products.


Our company practices honest and ethical business practices which are woven into our conduct.


Our company implemented a quality management system through modern design and automated equipments which ensures the best manufacturing process to guarantee our purity.


Our Gelatin products are manufactured using stringent and hygenic norms so that we ensure meeting all our certification requirements.

Some Benefits of Gelatin

Improves Skin Health

Helps to Maintain Strong Bones

Strengthens tendons

Helps to protect Joints and Lowers Joint Pain

Helps To Enhance tissue

Helps Maintain Heart Health

Helps You To Feel Full

Helps to Build Muscle


We are committed to upholding respect for our environment internally as well as externally.

We place a strong emphasis to protect our environment by following energy saving practices to save energy in our plant as well as offices. 

We uphold strong environmental values such as planting lots of trees around us. We have planted an abundance of Eucalyptus trees as we are now entering a world of increasing climatic changes and we have understood the value of carbon storage. Eucalyptus trees are particularly good at removing carbon. Eucalyptus trees help to control certain types of pollution like particulate pollution.

“We at Rama Industries Ltd believe that nothing is achieved individually or single handedly. It is a culmination of the efforts of many”. 

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